A Coalition of the Leading Family Homeless Services Providers
in Orange County, California

FSC Leads Orange County to end Family Homelessness: Through strong partnerships, our member organizations ideate, implement and advocate for innovations throughout the system, making the FSC the primary driver towards ending a family’s housing crisis.

FSC functions as the “System” supporting the direct service providers
who make up our member organizations.

Family Solutions Collaborative was formed in 2013
as a grassroots coalition to help address the homeless response system for families.

In an effort to ensure system-wide best practices for families in Orange County, the FSC focus and goals are to ensure families are able to access family shelters, prevention and diversion services as well as housing resources in an equitable, timely and coordinated manner. We do this through our collaborative partnerships, ongoing support, training and technical assistance of best-practices that we provide to our member agencies.

Family Solutions Collaborative

Who We Are

Utilizing the Collective Impact Model, the FSC is comprised of 24 of the leading family service organizations in Orange County working to prevent, divert and house homeless families in a prompt, coordinated, and equitable effort.

Our Work

The FSC is the eco-system and strengthener for the family homeless response system in Orange County. We manage the Family Coordinated Entry System, Match Meetings, Access Points, Bed Reservation System, and other projects.

Family Services

If you are a family that is currently experiencing homelessness or at-risk of becoming homeless, please complete our online and confidential Family Service Request Form and you will be contacted within two business days.

September 2022 Member Spotlight: Casa Teresa

Founded in 1976 in Santa Ana, Casa Teresa was envisioned as a home for pregnant women, over the age of 18, who were alone and had no support. At the time, there were very few resources or shelters specifically for single, pregnant women, and founders Neill and Sally Sullivan launched Casa Teresa as a four-unit building and cottage to meet the need. After nearly a decade in Santa Ana, Casa Teresa moved to its current site in Orange in 1985, where its Old Towne location ensured access to nearby stores, public transportation, and healthcare for residents. 

Besides accessibility, Casa Teresa has ensured that the needs of pregnant women are met by adding new programs and services. In 1995 they established Hannah’s House to address the needs of women interested in placing their baby with an adoptive family. In 2001, they opened the communal-style Transformation I (T1) Program to serve residents who would benefit from a longer stay with Casa Teresa, and the independent apartment building housing the Transformation II (T2) Program soon followed in 2006. 

In 2013, they launched the Emergency Maternity Shelter (EMS), catering specifically to women struggling with chronic homelessness, substance abuse, and other intensive issues. Also located on the main campus, is the Alumni Resource Center, which provides educational classes, case management, and other supportive services for graduates from their programs. 

Mission: To provide pregnant women in crisis a loving home to begin their healing journey. 

Vision: To break cycles, transform women and help families thrive through effective, caring residential programs. 

FSC Member Agencies