Key Areas

The FSC Leads Orange County to end Family Homelessness: Through strong partnerships, our member organizations ideate, implement and advocate for innovations throughout the system, making the FSC the primary driver toward ending a family’s housing crisis quickly, utilizing prevention, diversion and housing strategies.

The FSC is the Model in Orange County and Beyond: The FSC’s philosophy, systems and strategies for education, technical assistance, training and tools are the models for ending family homelessness being replicated in communities outside Orange County.

The Value and Impact of the FSC is Evident: It is clear and broadly acknowledged that the outcomes in solving the crisis of family homelessness and achieving housing justice have been accomplished through the advocacy and support of the FSC and our member organizations.

A Solid Funding Model Increases and Sustains Impact: The FSC’s diversified revenue is sufficient to sustain impact, seed innovations to meet emerging needs and attract additional federal, state, local and private dollars to Orange County.

Causes of Family Homelessness